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Stay Young Program

The Stay Young Program is designed to promote physical and mental health. Utilizing our Professional Network, the program can be customized based on your personal interests and objectives. The Program can include the following:

  • Physical routine, designed by a Physical Trainer focused on senior¬†adults
  • Mental exercise, including games and other mind exercises designed to promote mental acuity
  • Meal plan and preparation, involving a Dietitian and conformed to your health conditions and personal tastes

All components of the Stay Young Program can be coordinated and supported by your personal care assistant, who can provide encouragement as well as track results as you work towards your personal goals

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Care Management

Highly experienced Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) serve as your personal advocate for health related needs

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Skilled Nursing

Our Registered Nurses are available to support your recovery and keep you healthy

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Stay Young Program

Health Living for the body, mind and soul

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Broad Street Adventures

Explore the world with comfort and ease

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