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Broad Street Service as a Solution

Broad Street provides a variety of Senior Health Services that go beyond basic Home Care.  While the composition of these services will vary for each client, it all works together to provide a Customized Solution.  These services may include the following:

  • Direct Home Care Support with Nurse Oversight – including Client Specific Training and Proactive Management
  • Care Management and Patient Advocacy – Attending Healthcare appointments, Maintaining a Health Profile along with Medical History, Medication Management, Emergency support
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Professional Network and Concierge Service – We have relationships with Physicians, Therapists, Social Workers and a variety of other complimentary healthcare services to ensure you have the support you need

While we understand all of these services may not be necessary, they are available if ever needed to ensure a complete solution

How does our Process Work

Initial Assessment and Consultation

  • Allows us to determine and prioritize your needs, and preferences, and to discuss potential solutions
  • This can be done in the home or in Healthcare Facilities, with the entire family present or with specific individuals. We want to be sensitive to family dynamics and can adjust our approach.

Develop a Plan of Service

  • Develop a Prioritized Daily Routine, approved by Client

Care Professional Selection and Client Specific Training

  • Identifying Candidates with the right experience and skillset, then ensuring they are trained to provide the specific needs and preferences

Introduction and Onboarding

  • Introduction of Care Professional, walkthrough of Plan of Service, Follow up to ensure Plan of Service is effective and to make any adjustments

Getting Started

Getting the right solution in place is a process. It involves focusing on the most important needs and then making any necessary adjustments. Broad Street works exceptionally hard to proactively manage this process.

Situations where we excel:

  • Clients with Greater Needs or Preference for Higher Level of Service
    • We typically provide clients with 40 hours or more of service per week although that can start out with less
  • Clients with Underlying Health Conditions with need for Symptoms Specific Care
    • Parkinsons and other Movement Disorders
    • Alzheimers and other Dementias
    • Stroke Recovery and Rehab
    • Cancer Recovery
    • Other Physical and Cognitive Conditions

Situations where our more involved service is not needed:

  • Limited Needs including Respite or Fill-in Staffing
  • Primarily Household maintenance or errands (not that we can do this as part of overall solution)
  • Clients who wish to manage their own solution and just need resources

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution, or just need guidance to help navigate a complex situation, please contact us now using the form below. Broad Street is here to help.

If you would prefer to speak with us directly, please call 847-728-0134

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