All Dementias are not Alike Presentation

For those who were able to attend, we hope you found our All Dementias are not Alike presentation valuable. This program is part of our ongoing education series, providing clinical perspective and insights related to supporting conditions impacting individuals and their families.

As many of you requested, a downloadable copy of Diane Breslow’s presentation can be found here: All Dementias are not Alike: Parkinsonism.

Why do we provide these education events?

-Incorporating the expertise of clinical consultants enhances our service – This knowledge is shared internally with our Care Professionals through our ongoing internal training program.  
-We develop best practices and techniques to best support our clients with these conditions. We want professionals and family members to benefit from this knowledge, so they can help others. 
-We want to increase awareness of resources that can help you understand and manage the conditions that are impacting individuals you are supporting.

More about Diane Breslow and her role at Broad Street:
Diane Breslow, MSW, LCSW has worked as an educator, support group leader, consultant, program development specialist, and clinician counseling individuals and families With Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders.

As a clinical consultant to Broad Street, Diane provides the following internal and external support:

-Education and Training – Applied expertise in movement disorders from her work at Northwestern Medicine’s Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center of Excellence, as well as in-home care, retirement, assisted living, and skilled nursing. 

-Direct Client Support – 1) Initial consultation and coordination with Nurse Supervisors and Care Professionals and 2) specific Parkinson’s Disease training that is personalized for the individual client and family and 3) Ongoing collaboration with RN and Care Professionals. 

-Communication and coordination with other healthcare providers and specialists providing a seamless healthcare solution for clients. 

-Ongoing consultation and family support. 

Other Clinical Resources
In addition to our work with Parkinson’s Disease and other Movement Disorders, we also focus on other complex conditions including Alzheimer’s Disease, Frontotemporal Dementia, Lewy Body and other dementias. To further enhance our care we continually partner with;

• Social Workers
• Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapist
• Neurologists, Movement Disorder Specialists, Neuropsychologists
• Exercise Physiologists and Physical Trainers
• Support Groups

At Broad Street, we believe that caring for individuals with complex conditions requires clinical, interdisciplinary communication. Our Nurses play a pivotal role integrating the expertise of our clinical consultants into the support of individuals in our care.