Medication Management and Home Care

Medication management is the detailed review and organization of a clients daily, weekly and monthly of medicine and vitamin regimen. It is done in conjunction with the clients’ physicians and is conducted by Registered Nurses (RN’s). As a provider of both Home Nursing and Home Care Services, Broad Street can provide medication management, in addition home care. Personal Assistant Caregivers and CNA’s can then help in reminding and documenting when medication is taken, and to report if there are any changes in condition, both positive and negative that may be impacted by the medication.

With the clinical service of medication management combined with home care, and in collaboration with their physicians, Broad Street clients receive a more comprehensive level of support.
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How Medication Management and Medication Assistance works

Medication management begins with reviewing a list of all the medications, along with vitamins and daily nutrition, and looking at them in the context of the client’s underlying health conditions and daily activities. This may result in a direct consultation with the client’s physician to clarify any procedures and dosages, and in some cases even discuss alternatives if medication is showing to be ineffective or creating adverse side effects. With a complete understanding of medication management care, the Broad Street nurse will then coordinate between the pharmacists and the physician to make sure the medication is always in place and prescriptions are up to date.

As part of the medication management plan, the Broad Street nurse will also make sure the actual medication is packaged and organized in a way where it can be taken safely and on time. This can be as simple as medication boxes with appropriate instruction, but also often includes the support of the Personal Assistant or Home Caregiver. Part of their role may include Medication Reminders, as well as documentation of the medication. Furthermore, the Personal Assistant or Caregiver can also monitor and report to the Nurse Supervisor if there are any changes in symptoms or overall condition.

How Broad Street Home Care along with Medication Management Can Make a Difference

While Broad Street’s focus is on non-medical home care support, our home nursing capabilities expands our scope. By incorporating ongoing medication management, and the associated communication with our client’s physicians, it allows us to help bridge the gap between doctor’s orders and our client’s daily living routine. As with all of Broad Street’s services, our goal is to help maintain safety and health while allowing our clients to live the life they choose.

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