Skilled Nursing, Care Management and Patient Advocate. Broad Street Welcomes Mary Murphy, RN

Broad Street Home Care delivers much more than highly personalized services to its clients. The Clinical Supervisory team which is comprised of Registered Nurses and a Physical Therapist are responsible for overseeing the selection, training and supervision of the Care Professionals. But equally as important, is the role the Clinical Supervisors play with our clients and their families.

With their depth of clinical expertise, the Clinical Supervisors oversee the well-being and safety of the client and also strive to enhance the lifestyle of the client. As their Care Manager, the Clinical Supervisor looks to help guide the client and their family through their current condition by identifying support options and in communication with the client’s physician and other therapists involved in their care.  As their Patient Advocate, the Clinical Supervisor looks to guide and oversee the clients’ journey through the healthcare system.

Broad Street is very fortunate to have on our team an RN who brings a vast history of hospital experiences to help support all of our clients. Mary Murphy, RN joined Broad Street in 2020 and has brought her sharp clinical insights to bear in her role as Care Manager as well as a Patient Advocate. We had an opportunity to pick her brain about Broad Street, Skilled Nursing, Care Management and Patient Advocacy.

How do you see your role at Broad Street as a Care Manager?

As a Care Manager I can oversee the care of clients and contribute to their care in client education of disease processes and preventative health care.

How do you see your role at Broad Street as a Patient Advocate?

My role as a Patient Advocate at broad street is demonstrated in my contribution to the selection process for appropriate candidate to facilitate the care of clients.

When you do an initial consultation with a client (and family) what do you feel are the most important areas to discuss?

I feel the initial assessment facilitates the initiation of a therapeutic relationship with the client and family.

Broad Street is a Premium Home Care Provider. What does Premium Home Care mean to you?

Premium home care to me means better outcomes as it is related to cost.

How do your experiences as a hospital-based nurse help you as a Patient Advocate?

I can advise clients on what is the best route to take regarding next steps with health concerns and advise on Medicare reimbursement processes.

How does Care Management impact the client and their family?

Care Management facilitates the institute for healthcare improvement aim of lower cost, improved quality, and better outcomes. Care Management facilitates therapeutic communication in preventative health strategies.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Client and Care Professional education is the most rewarding for me. It is a privilege for me to be able to share my knowledge in contributing to a client’s safe care.

If you have any questions about Care Management or Patient Advocacy, Broad Street can help.

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