Specialized Home Care

Specialized home care can make the difference between someone watching your loved one to someone actively supporting unique health needs. Broad Street’s high level of customized service along with Nurse Oversight makes us uniquely effective when it comes to supporting individuals with underlying health conditions. This includes understanding your specific needs and providing detailed training to your carefully chosen assistants. Your care is proactively managed to provide you with the best solution.

Parkinson’s Disease

Although the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be complex and ever-changing, we focus on you and your individual goals and objectives. Through our Comprehensive Parkinson’s Program, we provide trained professionals to work with you and address the specific symptoms affecting your life, both visible and under the surface. Our goal is to not only ensure your safety and support but to empower you to continue to live your life.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Working with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia requires a deep sense of empathy and understanding. At Broad Street, we focus on treating you with the respect and dignity you deserve. By getting to know you and your history, we establish a routine that encourages mental and physical activity. To accomplish this, we provide the right personal assistant who has the experience and training but equally as important, is able to relate with you or your loved one on a personal level. Ultimately our goal is to promote happiness for you and comfort for your family.

Stroke Recovery

The abruptness of Stroke can be traumatizing not only physically but emotionally as well. The change
in your daily routine and the time it takes to recover can be frustrating for you and your family. Broad Street works to ease this process by developing a comprehensive plan which includes simplifying your daily function and helping you stay engaged and progressing towards physical and mental recovery. With Nurse Oversight, we assist you in following your physician’s plan of care, which may include medication management, blood work or the maintenance of a proper diet. Our goal is to minimize your frustration and accelerate your path towards recovery.

Chronic Conditions including Diabetes, COPD and CHF

As our population ages, we become more susceptible to developing one or more of these chronic conditions. The impact these conditions have on you or your loved ones depends on how well they are managed. With Broad Street’s nurse oversight working collaboratively with our experienced personal assistants, we help you manage your condition. This is often achieved through a regimen of improved diet and exercise as well as medication management. Your care is also proactively managed by our nurses who can consult with your physician and provide clinical feedback. The goal is to keep you healthy and at home, and to minimize the need for future hospitalizations.

Other Cognitive and Physical Conditions

Broad Street maintains a well-developed professional network of clinical specialists and ancillary support services. These relationships, combined with a customized service plan and client specific training, are instrumental in providing personalized support for a range of cognitive and/or physical conditions.

This can include the following:
– Cancer treatment and recovery
– Neuromotor diseases including MS and ALS
– Traumatic brain injury
– Depression and other emotional issues
– Advanced mobility assistance and fall prevention

Broad Street can help. We provide Personal Assistants who can assist with the activities of daily living, help manage medication, doctor visits and overall health care and awareness. Through our Professional Network we can help you find the right resources like advocates and care managers. We provide home care in Wilmette, Illinois, the North Shore area of Chicago. For more information, please call 847.728.0134.