Personalized Home Care For Parkinson’s Patients

If you’re looking for Parkinson’s home care in Chicago, you know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The daily symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are as variable as each individual who is dealing with it. It’s important to have a home care team that will listen to your needs and concerns. You want customizable and personalized care for yourself or your loved one, designed to meet physical, medical and emotional needs.

Broad Street Home Care provides Parkinson’s care services designed to help you or a loved one. Whether you need assistance with meal planning and preparation, exercise, transportation, or simply connecting with friends and family, we’re there to help.

More Than Just Personal Care

People who have Parkinson’s can experience many everyday challenges: They may have trouble with balance. They may have trouble bathing and dressing themselves. They may have an unsteady gait that can lead to more than the average number of trips and falls. They may need support and encouragement with the daily exercise so vital to retaining mobility and range of motion.

Beyond the daily living challenges that Parkinson’s care demands, there are medical concerns, as well. Choosing home care support that is seamlessly integrated with your existing medical plan is essential to the client’s well-being. This includes support by a personal assistant with physical therapy along with medication management provided by a Registered Nurse.

Parkinson’s Specialty Care

When considering Parkinson’s home care in Chicago, keep in mind that not every home care service provider is focused on helping patients who have Parkinson’s disease. At Broad Street Home Care, we pride ourselves on our Parkinson’s specialty care. Our certified nursing assistants are trained to recognize the needs of Parkinson’s patients — from knowing when to use a gentle touch to overcome a “freeze;” to recognizing that lack of facial expression does not mean lack of emotion; to knowing when to push a client to keep moving, and when it’s vital that the client rest.

Make the Call Today!

If you or a loved one is struggling with the limitations imposed by Parkinson’s disease, it’s time to arrange for the support you need. Broad Street Home Care offers a wide range of services from personal care and companionship to Parkinson’s long-term care in Chicago. Call us today at (847) 728-0134 to start the process and let us arrange the services most appropriate to you.