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Broad Street brings a better approach to home care for the Chicago area

Broad Street provides premium, customized in-home care services for seniors who want to remain healthy and independent in their homes. Through our trained Personal Care Professionals and Nurse Oversight, we offer support with all the activities of daily living including personal care and active companionship. But we don’t stop there. We tailor our service around your individual needs and interests, empowering you to live the life you choose. Whatever the solution, the Broad Street team will be there to make it happen.

Broad Street Service and Support Remains Uninterrupted

Broad Street excels in complex situations, and the Coronavirus is no exception. This is due to our highly detailed planning and proactively managed service. We intensify our existing procedures on infection prevention to keep Care Professionals and RN’s healthy then we focus on backup planning to ensure we have the resources ready to provide essential and uninterrupted support.

The end result is that Broad Street gets stronger during crisis.

Our Care Professionals and RN’s rise to the occasion to ensure our clients are safe and healthy but also calm and comfortable.

To view our COVID-19 Operating procedures, click here.

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Premium Home Care Services

Personal Care

The key to Broad Street’s success starts with our People. We take the time to find the highest quality people, that are experienced in in-home care and dedicated to the profession of care.

Under the training and supervision of our experienced Registered Nurses (RNs), Broad Street ensures the highest level of personal care available.

Broad Street delivers all the personal support you need to feel good and stay healthy. All personal home care support is provided in a discreet and respectful manner. We understand that great care is not just about tasks but about the person.

Active Companionship

With health and safety supported, you are now free to do the things that make life more enjoyable and that you find fulfilling.

Broad Street’s Care Professionals can assist you with Active Companionship to help you actively engaging in life, both physically and mentally. Whether it’s exercise, attending events including the arts, music or sports, enjoying nature, or even spending quality time with family, Broad Street Care Professionals are there to encourage and support, without being overwhelming or intrusive.

Active companionship is about empowering your independence and improving your quality of life.

Mobility Assistance

At Broad Street, our Care Professionals encourage mobility using appropriate techniques that promote safety. Exercise leads to greater strength and balance.

Not only do our senior home care clients remain physically active, but it promotes an overall healthier lifestyle and greater engagement. With support from Broad Street Home Care for transfer and mobility assistance, our senior clients can remain in their homes for longer and experience a greater level of independence.

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Advanced Need Home Care Specializations

Specific areas where we specialize include:

Broad Street’s more comprehensive home service model with active Nurse Oversight and extensive training makes us particularly effective in working with complex underlying health conditions. This involves greater attention to detail, planning and ongoing training, and communication and collaboration. The result is very effective as we help support your specific symptoms in the context of your overall needs and preferences.

Nurse Oversight, Patient Advocacy and Care Management

Once we have the right home care team in place, it then comes down to proactive management. Nurse Supervisors oversee all client care, working closely with the caregiving team to make sure we are following the Plan of Service and making any necessary adjustments. Nurse Supervisors also serve as a liaison between everyone involved, from the Client to their Family, to Physicians and other healthcare specialists, and to any other professionals who may be involved in your overall support network. Communication is critical in navigating the complexities that often accompany the constantly changing environment of home care.

In effect, Broad Street’s Nurse Supervisors can serve as your Personal Care Manager and Patient Advocate. With a deep understanding of your home care needs and preferences, and how to manage that support, along with an awareness of your overall situation, your Nurse Supervisor can provide advice and direct support, along with additional resources.

Broad Street also understands that you may already have these resources in place, and not every home care service applies to everyone with some preferring a more private life with less active engagement. Because we are not a franchise home health care agency, Broad Street will always respect your individuality. Our Nurse Supervisors are there as Care Management resources but only when needed and requested.

Chicago and the North Shore’s Best Home Care

We integrate with your existing network and provide additional health care resources

  • Physicians Specialists
  • Primary Care Physicians
  • Concierge Medicine
  • Patient Advocates and Top Care Managers
  • Medicare Home Health Providers
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health

Broad Street Provides a Professional Network of Support

As part of a coordinated home care solution, Broad Street maintains an extensive network of relationships throughout Chicago. This can include physicians and healthcare systems – and even non-health related services.

We know you often have a well-developed network of support, so we don’t look to overwhelm. We can seamlessly plug into your existing network or fill in the gaps when needed. When it comes to your customized home care service, we enable flexibility that enables more choice for you.

Private Home Care - Additional Premium Services

As part of a comprehensive service, Broad Street maintains both a Home Care Services License and Home Nursing License. We recognize these services are not relevant to everyone, but it does provide you with additional services, if needed.

Additional services include:

Geriatric Care Management, Elder Care Management, Patient Advocacy

Because we take a team approach to our home care service, we work extremely well with Care Managers and Patient Advocates.

The service to you is seamless, where we provide additional support. In addition, in cases where you need management of an overall solution, our Nurse Supervisors can also serve as Care Manager and Patient Advocates. Essentially, we fill in the gaps.

Medication Management

With Nurses directly involved in your Home Care, we can also help you organize and manage your Medication.

This includes coordinating with multiple physicians and ensuring there are no conflicts and adverse reactions. It’s also helpful as it guides what symptoms to look out for.

Skilled Nursing

While Broad Street is not a Medicare Home Health provider, sometimes the Medicare solution is not enough to cover your needs.

Our nursing services, because they are not limited by Medicare or burdened by the administrative overhang, are focused purely on your direct health benefit.

Examples include:

  • Wound Care
  • Home Infusion Therapy and IV Management
  • Tracheotomy Care
  • Feeding Tubes

Elderly Exercise Help at HomeBroad Street -Stay Active Excercise Program

“If exercise could be packaged in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation.” – Robert Butler, National Institute on Aging

The key to physical and mental health is to remain active and engaged.  Regardless of your age, level of fitness or underlying health conditions, there is always a routine that can help you improve your fitness.  Utilizing our Professional Network, there are a number of resources that are available to develop a regimen that not only keeps you active but also entertained and motivated.  Learn more about Broad Street – Stay Active Program here.

Home Care Professional Selection Process

Broad Street’s mission is to create a great experience for you and your family. This requires a significant amount of diligence and planning, which includes selecting the right people and making sure they are prepared for the job. This is a thorough and collaborative process designed to start things off well, then proactively managed to provide the right solutions along the way.

Highly Trained Care Professionals

The most important decision Broad Street makes is identifying the right Care Professional. Based on your input, your Nurse Supervisor and our Human Resources teamwork to identify the individual(s) with the proper skills and necessary experience to establish a basis for your safety. From there we work on other characteristics that you have identified as important towards establishing a successful and enjoyable relationship.

Highest Quality Home Care Solution

At Broad Street, our service goes above and beyond that of the typical home care agency. We design our service to support our clients’ unique situation but in a way that is empowering. Our goal is to help manage an overall solution so that each of our clients can live the life they choose.

Client-Specific Training and Proactive Management

Preparation is key to a successful start of any home care service. We review your Plan of Service with your Care Professional before they are introduced to you. We also conduct a hands-on demonstration of activities and safety precautions specific to your needs. We emphasize relevant aspects of professional conduct to make sure your Care Professionals are considerate of any unique personal or household requirements. Once service begins, we proactively manage your care to ensure everyone is following the plan and you are receiving the service that meets your needs. Broad Street’s success is based on this constant process of communication, adjustment, and improvement.

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