Diabetes: Personalized Home Care Services

Diabetes management includes not only proper nutrition, but also routine testing of blood sugar and the corresponding medication management. Without proper support, there are significant dangers associated with high blood sugar. Or worse, by accidentally overdosing on insulin. This can be particularly challenging if there are other health conditions that interfere. For example, dementia can make testing and self-injections very difficult.

With a trained Home Care Professional in place, clients can be reminded to routinely test their blood sugar and make any necessary adjustments. We can even help document blood sugar levels which can be communicated to physicians and endocrinologists to help establish the best long-term plans for Diabetes management.

How we develop our Diabetes Care beyond just Personal Care and Companionship

Effective management of Diabetes starts with our Plan of Service.

  1. Our nurse supervisors familiarize themselves with your specific Diabetes home care plan and how that fits into your daily routine. This may also involve direct interaction with your physician to determine the appropriate range of blood sugar levels to monitor.
  2. From there, we determine what other support would be helpful before identifying the best candidates to provide the direct caregiver support. It is important that we not only provide support with Diabetes but also create an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
  3. Preparation of healthy nutritious meals designed around a Diabetes care plan is essential in the body’s ability to help manage blood sugar and in reducing any spike in levels.
  4. Most importantly, we structure this plan around a daily routine that fits your desired lifestyle. It is not just about health but about healthy living.

How our Diabetes Care can make a difference

Oftentimes, we need to consider other health conditions to effectively provide support. This is where our nurse supervision can be invaluable. Through caregiver documentation and by viewing the Diabetes Care in the context of an overall home care solution, we can be more proactive in terms of changing needs. This includes changes to how the Diabetes Care is specifically provided, through different medications and delivery systems, as well as how nutrition and exercise are factored into the support.

With the care professionals and nurse supervisors working closely together, you get the support with Diabetes Care you need, while also maintaining an active and enjoyable lifestyle.

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