Fall Prevention and Mobility Assist

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among seniors.  These injuries often lead to hospitalization, followed by rehabilitation, and in the worst case can lead to a wheelchair.  Yet at the same time, mobility is an important part of life, a cornerstone of independence.  Ironically, seniors living at home who have experienced a fall or are concerned they are at risk will often withdraw from activities, choosing to remain seated and immobile.  With a lack of exercise and activity, this can lead to muscle atrophy and further weakness and loss of balance actually increasing risk of falls.

At Broad Street, our Personal Assistants encourage mobility but using techniques that are safe.  With greater exercise leading to greater strength and balance, not only can our senior home care clients remain physically active, but it promotes an overall healthier lifestyle and greater engagement.  In effect, with some mobility assistance and support by Broad Street Home Care, our senior clients can remain in their homes for longer and experience a greater level of independence. Contact Broad Street Home Care if you’d like to learn more (847)-728-0134.

How we teach Fall Prevention and Mobility Assistance

There are a number of techniques that personal assistance providing home care can utilize.  What is most important is first understanding the level of mobility and then making sure that, if necessary, the seniors and their personal assistants are using the proper equipment.  It is about treating seniors with respect and dignity, to provide the support needed, but not in an overbearing way.  Some of these techniques and related equipment include:

  • Stand by assist – Walking next to the client and providing support when needed
  • Contact assist – Maintaining contact with the client in order to sense shifts in weight and balance
  • Gait Belt – a specially designed belt used to help in transferring the client from a seated position
  • Hoyer Lift or Sara Lift – An assistive device used to help transfer senior clients through electric or hydraulic power

How does Fall Prevention and Mobility Assistance fit into our Home Care Service

Broad Street focuses on customized home care support designed for our senior client’s unique needs.  With the prevalence of falls among seniors, it is often an area of focus when developing our plan of service.  With safety and security providing the foundation, Broad Street personal assistants can support our senior clients in continuing to live independently in their homes.  Furthermore, if there has been fall resulting in a hospitalization, Broad Street personalized home care can support seniors returning to home through continued rehabilitation and a return to independence.

Make the Call Today

If you or a family member has suffered a fall or is struggling with the limitations in mobility, it’s time to arrange for the support you need. Broad Street Home Care offers a wide range of services from personal care and companionship including Fall Prevention and Mobility Assist. Call us today at (847)-728-0134 to start the process and let us arrange the services most appropriate to you.