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Personalized Home Care for Parkinson’s

If you are looking for Parkinsons home care in Chicago, you already understand that the solution can be very complex.  The daily symptoms of Parkinson’s disease vary significantly depending on the individual, stage of the disease, even the time of day.  Some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s are visible including tremors, slowness in movement or speech, challenges with small motor movement, or others; while other symptoms are internal including cognitive issues, sleep disorders, etc.

What’s important to understand is that Parkinson’s does not have to keep you from living your life and achieving your goals. Having a home care team that understands these symptoms and can help you manage them in the context of your daily life can allow you to continue to live the life you choose.

Broad Street Home Care provides specialized Parkinson’s care support, that is specifically designed for your unique situation. Contact Broad Street Home Care if you’d like to learn more (847)-728-0134.

How we develop our Parkinson’s specialty care beyond just Personal Care and Companionship

In order to provide a service that is truly effective for client’s who have Parkinson’s, we start with education and training.  In addition to internal training programs focused on homecare, we are also members of the Struther’s Parkinsons’ Care Network which is a group of Healthcare Providers dedicated to developing best practices for Parkinson’s long-term care.  We share and take those best practices and apply them to the home care environment.

With that knowledge and understanding, along with specialized skills in Parkinson’s care, we then look to our individual clients to understand their goals and objectives and how the symptoms of Parkinson’s can create obstacles. From here, we develop a plan of service to help manage those symptoms, so our home care clients can continue to live their life.

How our Parkinson’s Specialty Care can make a difference

Our initial objectives with any of our personalized home care clients is to preserve safety and security and promote health and wellness.  By working with and encouraging our clients with Parkinson’s to stay physically and mentally fit, through exercise, nutrition and overall engagement, we can reduce the risk of trips and falls, improve flexibility and circulation.  We can also help remind our clients with Parkinson’s to take their pills on time, a simple, yet critical element in overall management of Parkinson’s symptoms.

With greater safety and security, along with health and wellness, our clients are often energized by how they can still maintain their independence.  That the symptoms of Parkinson’s can be managed.  By embracing the situation, there is empowerment, the key to quality of life.

Make the Call Today

If you or a family member is struggling with the limitations imposed by Parkinson’s disease, it’s time to arrange for the support you need. Broad Street Home Care offers a wide range of services from personal care and companionship to Parkinson’s long-term care in Chicago. Call us today at (847)-728-0134 to start the process and let us arrange the services most appropriate to you.