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Private Skilled Nursing in Chicago

Where Broad Street Home Care Excels

There are times when a higher degree of attention and support is needed to assure the well-being of yourself or your loved one. As a solutions provider, focused on more complex situations, Broad Street also provides Private Skilled Nursing Service, as a separate service or in conjunction with Direct Home Care Services.

While Broad Street’s Private Skilled Nursing Service is not covered by Medicare or other Health Insurance, there are times when either Medicare or Insurance will not cover the service needed, or the covered solution is not sufficient.  In these cases, Broad Street’s focus on the delivery of care without the administrative restrictions allows us to provide better health outcomes.

Some specific areas where our Private Skilled Nursing service can be helpful includes:

  • Wound Care
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Medication Management
  • Respiratory Therapy (BiPap, CPap)
  • Feeding Tube Management
  • Long term Nursing Support in the Home

In addition to specific Skilled Nursing activities, some clients may need long term support but also want the peace of mind that comes with having a Registered Nurse or LPN.  Not only to provide the direct care support but to also monitor any underlying health conditions and to provide skilled nursing services when and if needed.

With all of our clients, there is also a Care Manager there to supervise the care and create a seamless, consistent and coordinated solution. These solutions include:

  • Direct Home Care provided by Nurses
  • Periodic and Specific Private Nursing visits
  • Direct Home Care provided by Care Professionals who are not nurses, but including Periodic and Specific Private Nursing Visits

It really comes down the level of support you need and want. And as your needs change, our Care Managers work with you to adjust the level and type of care.

How do you determine if Private Skilled Nursing is appropriate?

Initial Consultation

All services begin with a consultation which can start on the phone but then continue in person, either at home or in a healthcare facility or hospital. It is conducted by a Broad Street Nurse Care Manager and can be in collaboration with any other applicable clinicians in your healthcare network. This could include your Primary Care Physician and Physician Specialists, as well as Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and any other health support.

The focus is to not only determine which things need to be done to help manage your underlying health conditions but also to determine how that support is best delivered in the context of your daily life.

Your Decision

After the Consultation, the Broad Street Care Manager can discuss options with you and your family including the following:

  • The type of care – What specific activities or tasks need to be completed on a daily basis
  • The level of care – How much support you need and the types of resources
  • Any specific skilled nursing needs – Specific activities that can only be performed by an RN or LPN
  • Recommendations – Suggestions on a daily routine that supports your underlying health conditions

While the focus is on health and safety, it is also about quality of life.  Working together with you and your family, we can come up with a solution that accomplishes your needs and preferences.

With a variety of capabilities and experience, Broad Street has the ability to provide a Comprehensive Home Care and Home Nursing Solution but with the flexibility to customize to your unique needs and preferences.

What situations often require Private Skilled Nursing

Broad Street’s deeper level of engagement and solutions-based approach, provides us with the ability to manage more complex underlying health conditions.  The underlying health conditions often require activities that require a higher level of skill that can only be provided by a registered nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Depending on the frequency of the Skilled Nursing need along with the severity of the condition, the service may not be covered by Medicare or Insurance. And in other cases, it may be provided but with not enough frequency or duration to be effective.

This can often be the case in the following scenarios:

  • Extended rehabilitation – significant support above and beyond Medicare Solution to regain health and avoid rehospitalization
  • Self Care or Family Care – When specific Skilled Nursing tasks are expected to be performed by you or a family member, but without the ability or comfort to perform the required Skilled Nursing Tasks
  • Chronic Conditions – Where long term care needs include Skilled Nursing Tasks but the Client does not want to live in a Skilled Nursing Home

Broad Street is very experienced and knowledgeable about a variety of Chronic and Acute Conditions, and can incorporate whatever support is needed, including Private Skilled Nursing, into the Plan of Service. Specific conditions include:

  • Parkinsons Disease and Other Movement Disorders
  • Alzheimers Disease, Frontotemporal, Lewy Body and other forms of dementia
  • Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Cancer Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) and Diabetes
  • Hospice Care


Having Nurse involved as part of your Home Care Solution is similar to Concierge Medicine, it’s there when you need it and is provided in collaboration with your overall health support network.  The benefit is that in addition to having someone directly and proactively managing your home care service, Broad Street Nurse Supervisors can also periodically provide Private Skilled Nursing services as we as serve as Patient Advocates and Care Managers.

Skilled Nursing - Private Duty RN ChicagoIt’s not always easy to remember everything you want to mention during your doctor visits. It can also be confusing what your doctor wishes and why. As your personal advocate, our nurses help you communicate the relevant issues with your doctor and make certain that you understand the purpose and potential risks of your doctor’s treatments.

If needed, our Nurses are there to help you with any hospital visits, specialist evaluations, Radiology Scans, pathology testing and other circumstances requested by your physician. As your personal Patient Advocate, they are there to facilitate communication and make certain that your wishes are being observed. Patient Advocacy also involves providing for your wellbeing and safety during any testing and/or hospitalizations.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Attending Physician Visit – Summarizing visits for you and your family, translating medical terminology in ways to make it more easily understood, less intimidating and more manageable
  • Medication Management – Organize and Review to avoid any adverse reactions and make it easier to stay on your regimen. This includes getting prescriptions filled and alerting your physicians if there are any changes that may need to occur
  • Advocacy – In the Hospital or at your routine physician appointments, Patient advocacy is about you getting the right treatment and understanding your rights as a patient. With our Nurses having extensive experience in the Hospital Systems, they understand how to navigate the system in a constructive way
  • Emergency – When there is an emergency, our Nurses can help you make the right decisions fast not only in the beginning of an emergency but all along the way
  • Collaboration and Communication – Seamless coordination with physicians, physical therapists and any other necessary medical providers associated with the Plan of Care.
  • Professional Network referral source – Broad Street has a significant network of well-respected and high-quality providers of healthcare services as well as Professionals proving non-health related services. If needed, we can help you with the overall solution.

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If you or a family member could benefit from home care, or private skilled nursing at home, it’s time to arrange for the support you need. Broad Street Home Care offers a wide range of services to build a network of support around you.

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