Stroke Recovery

Stroke Recovery and Stroke Rehabilitation in the Home

The abruptness of Stroke can be traumatizing not only physically but emotionally as well. The change in your daily routine and the time it takes to recover can be frustrating for you and your family. Broad Street’s high level of customized service along with Nurse Oversight makes us uniquely effective when it comes to supporting individuals who have either recently had a stroke or have been living with the effects of a prior stroke. Broad Street works to ease the process of stroke rehabilitation by developing a comprehensive plan which includes simplifying your daily function and helping you stay engaged and progressing towards physical and mental recovery. With Nurse Oversight, we assist you in following your physician’s plan of care, which may also include medication management, healthy diet and exercise and helping you monitor symptoms in order to prevent another stroke.

By understanding your specifics needs, we can encourage you and working with you to continue to get stronger, while also providing support in areas that may be holding you back. Our objective is for you to continue to live a vibrant and active life.

Home Care Approach for Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation

As with all of our clients, we take a customized approach to our service. This starts by understanding your specific symptoms and how they impact your daily routine, along with your goals and objectives.  It is also important to understand the treatment plans developed by your healthcare specialists, whether it be your neurologist or Primary Care Physician, as well as Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists.  All of this allows us to develop a plan of service that supports your continued rehabilitation while continuing to live and active life.

From here, we select highly trained and experienced Care Professionals.  The selection process is based on not only having the necessary skills to support you but also in thinking about how that individual or individuals would fit with you personally. Once selected, there is significant client specific training to make sure your Care Professionals understand the plan of service and how to support your specific needs.

But the service does not end there.  It is a collaborative and ongoing process to make sure we are adjusting to your changing wants and needs. All to support your continued stroke recovery and rehabilitation.

Symptoms of Stroke or TIA (Transient Ischemic Attacks) where Home Care can help

  • Paralysis (Inability to move parts of the body)
  • Problems understanding and forming speech
  • Trouble with chewing and swallowing
  • Memory issues
  • Cognitive issues including thinking, learning and judgement
  • Pain in the extremities impacted by movement or temperature
  • Depression

Home Care Services for Stroke Recovery

Broad Street’s Home Care services are comprehensive and incorporated as part of an overall solution.  We are here to fill in the gaps where needed so you get the support you need but without being overwhelming. The following are Services that we can provide to support with Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation.

General Home Care Service to support Stroke Recovery

  • Personal Care – Utilizing Best practices, our Care Professionals can provide support with all personal activities, including all the things that we need to do daily basis but can sometimes find difficult. This includes help in the restroom or shower, getting ready for the day or ready for sleep at night.  These services are support your health and comfort and are provided in a discrete and respectful manner.
  • Household Maintenance – Maintaining a clean and organized home takes work. This can be difficult with the complications of stroke.  But it’s not less important.  We help alleviate this burden so you can focus on the things you find more enjoyable.
  • Active Companion Services – With health and household supported, active companionship is about doing the things you find enjoyable. Whatever your interests are, we can help you stay engaged while supporting your health and safety.

Ongoing Support with your Stroke Therapy Treatments

After attendee therapy sessions, your Therapist will prescribe a regimen for you to continue exercises at home.  These are crucial for you to continued recovery. Broad Street Care Professionals can help through encouragement as well as tracking your progress so your therapist can make any necessary adjustments. Specific areas can include:

  • Physical Therapy for Stroke Recovery – exercises helping you to relearn movement and coordination, and for rebuilding strength
  • Occupational Therapy – exercises to help improve your ability to perform daily activities including small motor skills associated with eating, drinking, dressing, bathing and reading and writing
  • Speech Therapy – exercises to help improve your ability to understand and produce speech. It is also important to gain strength in swallowing to minimize any risk of choking or aspiration, which is when food or liquid goes down the windpipe

Additional Support Services for Stroke Recovery

As part of an overall solution, Broad Street can assist in providing and coordinating additional services specifically designed to support you in your stroke recovery and rehabilitation.

  • Nurse Oversight, Patient Advocacy and Care Management – With direct Nurse involvement as part of your home care solution, we can coordinate with your physician to ensure we are following their treatment plan, including medication and diet and exercise. The Nurse oversight with work directly with your Care Professionals to encourage a healthy routine, and to measure and monitor vital signs like blood pressure.  Not only can this help prevent the recurrence of another stroke, but it provides information that can be critical in your physicians ability to understand your progress, and advise you appropriately.
  • Medication Management– Many of our clients take a variety of medications prescribed by multiple physicians. Following a stroke, it is important to understand and prioritize certain medications to reduce your risk of additional strokes or TIA’s as well as accelerate your ability to recover. This may impact how you take other medications related to other conditions and your overall medication routine. Nurse supervisors can assist in managing medication and your Care Professionals can help you adjust to the new routine.
  • Professional Network – There are a variety of other services that Broad Street can introduce as part of your overall plan. This can include health system recommendations for Vascular Neurologists, specialized therapists, Primary Care Physicians, as well as rehabilitation facilities such as Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. It can also include general health and wellness from nutritionist and dieticians, to alternative therapies. In addition, there may be related services that can be helpful, from home modification services and durable medical equipment as well as wearable sensors.  Broad Street believes in interdisciplinary cooperation of a variety of services. A coordinated solution, delivered to you seamlessly.

Broad Street Home Care’s symptom specific support is specifically designed for you, focusing not only on how to manage the effects of the stroke on your body and mind but also the impact it might have on you and your family’s daily routine. The objective is to promote and support your effort to continue to live your life.

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