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Advanced Home Care Specializations

Broad Street excels in Complexity.

Broad Street’s high level of customized service along with Nurse Oversight makes us uniquely effective when it comes to supporting individuals with underlying health conditions. This includes understanding your specific needs and providing detailed training to your carefully chosen care professional. With Broad Street, your care is proactively managed to provide you with the best solution.

Specific areas of specialization include:

  • Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders – Although the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease can be complex and ever changing, we focus on you and your individual goals and objectives.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body and other dementia – Working with Alzheimer’s and other forms of Dementia requires a deep sense of empathy and understanding. At Broad Street, we focus on treating you with the respect and dignity you deserve.
  • Stroke Recovery and Stroke Rehabilitation – The abruptness of Stroke can be traumatizing not only physically but emotionally as well. The change in your daily routine and the time it takes to recover can be frustrating for you and your family. Broad Street works helping you stay engaged and progressing towards physical and mental recovery.
  • Chronic Conditions including Diabetes, COPD and CHF – The impact these conditions have depends on how well they are managed. With Broad Street’s nurse oversight working collaboratively with our experienced personal assistants, we help you manage your condition.
  • Other Cognitive and Physical Conditions Broad Street provides support for a range of cognitive and/or physical conditions including but not limited to: Cancer treatment and recovery, Neuromotor diseases including MS and ALS, Traumatic brain injury, Depression and other emotional issues, Advanced mobility assistance and fall prevention.

Advanced Home Care Training

Broad Street Home Care Training programs are extensive and ongoing.  In addition to traditional home care best practices, our Nurses and other healthcare professionals in our network provide symptom specific training for many underlying health conditions.  The difference with Broad Street’s training program is that it is not just passive presentation material being provided to our Care Professionals but direct, hands-on training.  Furthermore, as every client is different and conditions change over time, this training is an ongoing process.  Specifically, Broad Street’s advanced home care training consists of the following:

  • Home Care Classroom Curriculum – This starts the training program by educating Care Professionals about certain conditions and their related symptoms. By understanding some of the underlying causes, it creates better awareness and prepares Care Professionals for how to provide the necessary support or even prevent healthcare emergencies.
  • Hands on Training with Specialized Home Care Techniques – Through direct hands on training provided by Nurses and other healthcare professionals, we demonstrate and confirm the uses of specific techniques to help support specific symptoms. It’s very important to do this in a hands-on setting in order to acknowledge understanding
  • Client Specific Training – This becomes the most important level of training, as it relates directly to the client.  Every individual, regardless of underlying health conditions, is unique.  Not only do symptoms differ from one person to the next, but you may have different preferences for how you want those symptoms supported.  Finally, Client Specific Training is ongoing.  Symptoms change, preferences change.  With ongoing training and collaboration, we need to change how the service is provided to always fit with your needs and preferences.

Advanced Home Care Planning

In order to provide comprehensive and customized home care service, it starts with planning.  We got through the details of your daily routine and determine which symptoms are causing you the biggest issue, or where you could use the most support.  From there it is about putting a plan together that outlines your daily routine, and then incorporate when and where we are providing the support.  The goal is to promote health and safety but not overwhelm you.  It is about minimizing disruption, encouraging and supporting you in a healthy lifestyle, all for you stay engaged in your life.  Advanced Home Care Planning includes the following:

  • Introductory Meeting – To get to know you, your needs and preferences.
  • Plan of Service Development – In collaboration with you, we help develop a plan that helps support you, but in the way that you want to be supported. We want you to remain independent.
  • Care Professional Selection – The single most important decision in terms of creating the best possible Home Care experience. We take it very seriously, and we take the time to find the right person with the right training.
  • Client Specific Training and Proactive Management – Our focus on the relationship. We want to constantly be looking for ways to improve our service so that you have a great experience.
  • Coordination and Collaboration – Staying coordinated with your healthcare specialist, primary care physicians, therapists and other healthcare provider, along with any other members of your support network that you choose.

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Additional Services – The Broad Street Difference

To complement our premium home care, we also offer additional services including Skilled Nursing and Care Management, along with a selection of services unique to Broad Street.

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All of the additional services are focused on enhancing our premium level of care. They each incorporate our key capabilities and showcase how Broad Street can serve your personal care needs while also enabling a more active lifestyle.

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Highly experienced Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) serve as your personal advocate for health-related needs.

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Skilled Nursing

Our Registered Nurses are available to support your recovery and keep you healthy.

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Medication Management

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Broad Street – Stay Active Program

Excercise – The key to physical and mental health

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