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Personal Home Care Services

Providing the Foundation for Healthy Living: We customize and personalize your home care experience based on your individual needs and preferences.  We don’t start with a list of tasks; we look at your daily routine.  What do you enjoy doing and accomplishing?  What makes you comfortable? What are your underlying health conditions and what areas do you need support with?  Essentially, how can we support you to live life to its fullest.  We develop your own personalized home care plan so you are getting exactly the support you need or want. As your needs or wants change, we modify the service to support those changes.

Premium Personal Home Care Services

We recruit and hire Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA)  and other Care Professionals and then provide additional training under the supervision of an experienced Registered Nurse (RN). This ensures the highest level of personal care available. This includes assistance with all personal activities; the things that we need to do on a daily basis but can sometimes be difficult.  Our Care Professionals use best practices that are hygienic and support your health and safety.  Most of all, this support is provided in a discrete and respectful manner.  Keeping personal things personal.

Specific Personal Care Services include the following:

  • Support with Bathing and Showering – Whether its standing outside the shower in case needed or providing more direct support, we make sure safety and cleanliness are maintained, while also respecting your sense of privacy
  • Assistance in the Restroom – This is a natural part of life, but also a key to staying comfortable and keeping healthy. Supporting this need in a discrete way keeps preserves dignity while also keeping you balanced.
  • Personal Hygiene – Oftentimes, this can be very time consuming, even a hassle. Sometimes we even forget it or even skip it.  Your Care Professional can support you in making this routine and easy, and ultimately clean, fresh and comfortable.
  • Getting Dressed for the day – Broad Street home care professionals can help you look and feel your best while giving you more time to enjoy it.

With premium, customized personal care established as the foundation, our Care Professionals also serve as Personal Assistants. This includes support with household requirements and maintenance.  Your home is your castle, it should reflect how you want to feel and how you want to live.  We can help,

Specific Household Home Care Services include the following:

  • Laundry and ironing
  • Bed changing and linens
  • Vacuuming and Dusting
  • Organizing
  • Help with errands
  • Assistance with pets

Active Home Care Companionship

With your health and home supported, this frees you up for Active Engagement in the things that make life enjoyable and the activities you find fulfilling.  Broad Street Personal Assistants are happy to support and engage with you in these activities.  Furthermore, Broad Street concierge level of support can also facilitate these activities whether it be arranging for transportation, helping with tickets. We are here to remove obstacles so you can actively engage in your life. Active Companionship is about having a great experience, it is about living life to its fullest. This could include any number of activities.  It really depends on what interests you.  But just to give you an idea in the following:

  • Going to the Opera or Theatre
  • Enjoying a sports event watching your favorite Chicago team
  • A pleasant nature walk
  • Visiting Family

Home Care Support Services

Broad Street provides additional support service to the extent you need them and want them.

Nurse Oversight and Support  – All personal care is supported by a registered nurse, but only to the extent you need it.  Our nurses can be very actively engaged or simply supporting your care professionals, so they have all the resources they need to do provide you with the best home care service possible. Some of the benefits of Nurse Support includes:

  • Emergencies – Quick and efficient action in case of an emergency or to prevent one. Our Nurses and your Care Professionals can join you if you ever need to go to the hospital or doctor appointments, to keep you comfortable, advocate on your behalf to making sure you are getting the right treatment, and to keep you family informed, giving them peace of mind.
  • Communication – This includes real time communication and coordination with:
    • Designated Family Members
    • Primary Care Physicians
    • Other Professional Healthcare Providers
    • Emergency Services

Medication Management – Organizing your list of medications and timing. Also, instructing your Care Professionals who may be reminding you

Skilled Nursing – Provided an ongoing service when Medicare Home Health is not enough, or on a short-term basis to fill a specific need

Specialized Home Care Support – Your Care Professionals are trained in a wide variety of underlying health conditions including:

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Additional Services – The Broad Street Difference

To complement our premium home care, we also offer additional services including Skilled Nursing and Care Management, along with a selection of services unique to Broad Street.

Explore the possibilities

All of the additional services are focused on enhancing our premium level of care. They each incorporate our key capabilities and showcase how Broad Street can serve your personal care needs while also enabling a more active lifestyle.

Geriatric Care Management

Highly experienced Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) serve as your personal advocate for health-related needs.

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Skilled Nursing

Our Registered Nurses are available to support your recovery and keep you healthy.

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Medication Management

A more comprehensive level of support.

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Broad Street – Stay Active Program

Excercise – The key to physical and mental health

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