Broad Street Home Care Services

We understand that Home Care is very personal and that managing it can be demanding. We are here to remove the complexity and provide a customized solution to your individual needs. Our capabilities function together seamlessly with a focus on premium personal care, supported by registered nurses and coordinated with a professional network. From this foundation, we provide a variety of active companionship and concierge services designed to enhance quality of life.

Premium Personal Home Care

The Client is at the center of Broad Street home care services, where our focus is on the primary relationship between the Client and the Personal Assistant, or Caregiver.

This is proactively managed by the Nurse Supervisor, who can be a resource to both our senior client and their family, as well as the Personal Assistant.

Furthermore, with the clinical knowledge of the Nurse, we can collaborate with the client’s Primary Care Physician or Medical Specialist to ensure that the Plan of Care is being adhered to and any relevant information is being communicated.

Our Professional Home Care Network

Broad Street has established a unique Professional Network, which includes specialized capabilities and services from across the Chicago area which we can activate to better serve our clients. This includes: Patient Advocates or Geriatric Care Managers, Medicare Home Health, Physical and Occupational Therapists, and Social Workers.

We are also able to offer additional services that are non-medical in nature. for example, services related to business matters or household maintenance – or activities that enhance the quality of life, including the arts, hobbies or general physical activity.

As a premium, customized home care service, Broad Street can help manage and coordinate all these senior care services whether in the North Shore communities or other parts of Chicago.

Not every senior home care service may be applicable to everyone with some seniors or elders preferring a more private life with less active engagement. At Broad Street, we respect our clients’ individuality and adjust our services accordingly.

We don’t look to drive our clients’ decisions, but to provide the comprehensive support to live the life they choose. Contact us to learn more or to get started – 847-728-0134.

Providing the Foundation for Healthy Living; by employing trained Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA) under the supervision of an experienced Registered Nurse (RN), we ensure the highest level of personal care available. This includes assistance with all activities of daily living, provided in a respectful manner.

A Coordinated Care Solution; premium personal, customized home care requires coordination among a range of specific capabilities. We maintain existing relationships with a variety of specialists, allowing for a level of at home care that is customized and ultimately more effective.

Living Life to its Fullest; with premium, customized personal care established as the foundation, our caregivers also serve as personal assistants. This includes support with household requirements, but more importantly, facilitating engagement with the activities that you find interesting and fulfilling.

Managing Overall Healthcare; whether coordinating and planning care or managing overall healthcare and unexpected issues, Broad Street is there to help. Our Professional Network, along with Nurse Oversight, provides a single point of contact. Similar to Concierge Medicine, this eliminates the complexity of managing multiple professional network partners. What you get with concierge level coordination is enhanced care to ensure continuity and availability of healthcare providers when you need them.

Additional Services – The Broad Street Difference

To complement our premium home care, we also offer additional services including Skilled Nursing and Care Management, along with a selection of services unique to Broad Street.

Explore the possibilities

All of the additional services are focused on enhancing our premium level of care. They each incorporate our key capabilities and showcase how Broad Street can serve your personal care needs while also enabling a more active lifestyle.

Geriatric Care Management

Highly experienced Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) serve as your personal advocate for health related needs.

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Skilled Nursing

Our Registered Nurses are available to support your recovery and keep you healthy.

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Medication Management

A more comprehensive level of support.

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Broad Street Adventures

Explore the world with comfort and ease.

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