Personalized Home Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Finding the right Alzheimer’s home care or Dementia home care in Chicago can be very complex and requires a deep sense of understanding and patience. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Dementia can vary significantly depending on the type of Dementia and the stage, and more importantly, the individual involved. In order to provide effective care, it starts with understanding cognitive disorders and how they impact the client’s perception of the world. This allows the Personal Assistant to be more patient, and to work with the client to manage activities of daily living.

From there, it is also about understanding what core interest are appealing to the client needing Alzheimer’s care or Dementia care. These often remain intact, less effected by Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia. Whether it’s music, art, being outdoor, these interests provide a gateway to greater quality of life and happiness.

Broad Street Home Care provides specialized Alzheimer’s or Dementia care support, that is specifically designed for your unique situation. Contact Broad Street Home Care if you’d like to learn more (847)-728-0134.

How Broad Street develops our Alzheimer’s or Dementia specialty care beyond just Personal Care and Companionship

As with all specialties, we start with education and training. Alzheimer’s and Dementia are cognitive conditions where the brain loses the ability to connect between short term and long-term memory. It may start with not remembering an appointment, or where keys were placed to eventually not remembering even the face of a loved one. This can cause frustration and depression which even lead to behavioral issues.

If we understand the root of these cognitive impairments, we learn that the seemingly abnormal responses of clients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia are actually genuine. This understanding, combined with training techniques including “acknowledging and redirecting”, along with things as simple as a warm smile and gentle touch, can help manage the frustration of these difficult symptoms.

How our Alzheimer’s Specialty Care can make a difference

With Alzheimer’s and Dementia care in the home, our initial focus in on safety and security. The long-term focus is on building an effective working relationship with the client. Even if this does not include memory recognition, the personal assistant’s goal is to get to know the client and develop a method that minimizes confusion and promotes trust. Once that is established, we can more successfully manage the key activities of daily living while focusing on the Core Interests which lead to great quality of life.

Some of the key attributes and activities of Broad Street’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia care include:

  • Safety and security at home – Prevent wandering or falls
  • Activities of daily living – Including nutrition and exercise
  • Stimulation – Focus on core interests including music, art, nature, etc.
  • Active engagement – Family and friends
  • Focus on dignity and respect – See the individual, not the disease
  • Peace of mind for the family – Relieve stress

Make the Call Today

If you or a family member is struggling with the limitations imposed by Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, it’s time to arrange for the support you need. Broad Street Home Care offers a wide range of services from personal care and companionship to Alzheimer’s and Dementia long-term care in Chicago. Call us today at (847)-728-0134 to start the process and let us arrange the services most appropriate to you.

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Please contact me with more information


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